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Chinese electronic industry aircraft carrier turned on Liu L 14-07-12
  CEC, namely Chinese electronic information industry group, to a certain extent, can be regarded as the artery type enterprise Chinese electronic industry, listing Corporation under as many as 17. According to CECs assets reorganization, a m
Shun electronic components apple industry chain drive system 14-07-12
  Jinlong Electromechanical, sunwoda and Hans laser has just started, the future is still very large space and flexibility. Verification from the industrial chain, we expect the Jinlong electromechanical linear motor in 3000W above, and has ra
China lighting industry opportunity for change 14-07-12
  In March 15th this year, Chinese Lighting Electric Appliance Association held in Beijing the green lighting consumption? Lead low carbon life theme activities ceremony, China Lighting Electric Appliance Association chairman Liu Shengping sai
Semiconductor integrated circuit to meet industry's four maj 14-07-12
  Some struggle, A stock market return to near the 2000 point mark; in some industries and stock continued abandoned at the same time, some plate performance is still quite, such as semiconductor electronic components industry in the integrate
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