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Shenzhen Kaisheng Electronic Co., Ltd. 14-07-12
  Shenzhen Caesarwin Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. It is a hi-tech joint-equity enterprise in designing, manufacturing and marketing of printed circuit board and SMT assembling service, which started production in March 2007. The
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  • 電話:0755-27219031 傳真:0755-23093626  E-mail:ks_yao@163.com  mobile:18682206283,18566689155QQ:254844159, 1987872969  

    商務QQ:254844159,1987872969 手機:18682206283 ,18566689155

    工廠地址:深圳市寶安區沙井街道鼎豐科技園    營銷總部:深圳市寶安區中心路時代中心9F
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